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Call our Confidential, Toll-Free Number Today: 800-424-7877

Outside the US toll-free: 800-424-4685 (DSN)

Outside the US collect: 314-387-4700

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VIDEO: Families of service members discuss how the inTransition program helped their loved ones maintain their mental health care treatment during changes in status. Call today for more details on how to enroll.

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Are you a service member (or family member) facing a transition and concerned about your mental health treatment? Transferring to a new provider, or starting with a provider, can be easy. Sign up for the inTransition Mental Health Coaching and Support Program today.
Call our confidential, toll-free number: 800-424-7877
Outside the United States (toll-free/DSN): 800-424-4685
Outside the United States (collect): 314-387-4700

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Are you a provider looking for more information about the inTransition program? Contact us to schedule a presentation on the inTransition program for your clinic, program or military treatment facility.

Read how one coach helped a veteran back on his feet and kept him connected to valuable mental health resources

Phone Call Makes World of Difference for Combat Veteran

Navigating health care can feel overwhelming. InTransition coaches help service members manage their care during times of change. Read how one coach helped a veteran back on his feet and kept him connected to valuable mental health resources.


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Enrolling with inTransition is easy. Call 800-424-7877 and sign yourself up – any day or time. You can also ask for a referral from your current provider or case manager.

“My coach was great. She always called on time, listened attentively, and gave me lots of good information. When I kept running into roadblocks, I felt like my coach was on my team, helping me get the help I needed.” – inTransition customer

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