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This Live to Tape video is a product of the DoD VA Integrated Mental Health Strategy Strategic Action #13.

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Are you a service member in transition?
Are you concerned about your mental health treatment?

Have you received new orders? Are you looking at an upcoming change in status, relocation or return to civilian life? If so, and if you are currently receiving mental health care, transferring to a new provider can be easy.

Sign up for the inTransition Mental Health Coaching & Support Program

Contact inTransition and you will be assigned a personal coach who will support you as you move between health care systems or providers. He or she will:

  • Coach you one-on-one as you go through your transition.
  • Connect you with your new provider.
  • Empower you with tools to continue making healthy life choices.

All inTransition coaches are skilled counselors. They understand today’s military culture and issues. They understand and respect the importance of your privacy. They are with you every step of the way. For more information, please read our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers for service members.

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We encourage you to review our downloadable communications materials about the inTransition program.

Call our Confidential, Toll-Free Number Today:

Outside the US toll-free:
800-424-4685 (DSN)
Outside the US collect:

Providers are the crucial link to a successful transition for service members receiving mental health treatment, and the inTransition program is here to support you and service members to ensure a smooth and seamless process. We are here to partner with YOU.

Need more information about the inTransition program?

There are now five resources available to provide you with more information about the inTransition program. You can now:

  • Review the inTransition Provider Frequently Asked Questions at FAQs
  • Join our monthly listserv to receive current updates on the inTransition program. You can sign up by sending an email request to usarmy.ncr.medcom-usamrmc-dcoe.mbx.dcoe-intransition@mail.mil.
  • Contact us to schedule an informative 30-minute to an hour video teleconferencing (VTC) presentation on the inTransition program for your clinic, program, or military treatment facility.
  • Contact us to schedule an onsite briefing on the inTransition program with your clinic, program or military treatment facility.

Do you need to order additional inTransition tools and resources for you and your service members?

There is a quick and easy process for your convenience.

To order additional tools and resources at no cost to you, simply visit our website and place your order using the following link at inTransition Materials Ordering Site.

Materials include brochures for providers and service members, wallet information cards and posters. These materials will be shipped to you free of charge at selected quantities.

You can also print out downloadable .pdf versions at downloadable communications materials.


The program helps those returning from deployment; those transitioning to or from active duty; service members separating from the military or temporarily relocating; wounded warriors transitioning back home following care at military treatment facilities, VA fa-cilities or Warrior Transition Units and those changing health care systems or providers due to a permanent change of station.